Metalogix Named as Finalist in the 2011 Golden Bridge Awards in Two Categories Including Innovations-Technology and Archive Product or Service

July 18, 2011 | Washington DC

For any customer, support is a vital and key component ofsatisfaction. At Metalogix, we understand that our customers need toknow that there is a talented and prepared support staff ready to answerany questions and solve any issues that may arise. That is whyimproving customer support was a top priority in 2011 and will continueto be a top priority throughout 2012.

Metalogix currently offersstandard (normal business hours) and premium (24x7x365) supportcontracts and the global support can be contacted via our Customer Web Portal.

Overthe last six months in 2011, Metalogix took several key steps toimprove support even further as part of our ongoing effort to providecustomers with the quality support they deserve and desire. As we moveforward in 2012, Metalogix will continue to expand our support. However,we want to highlight the important initiatives that are already inplace and make you aware of how the Metalogix support staff is ready toassist you at a moment’s notice.


#1 – Hired Anthony Dabuenmarkl as Director of Worldwide Support

Anthonyjoined Metalogix in 2011 and has led all of the support initiativesundertaken by Metalogix over the past few months. His leadership andexpertise has helped Metalogix provide a better overall supportexperience for customers.

#2 – Created a Complete and Full Service Level Agreement

Inthe second half of 2011, Metalogix introduced a new service levelagreement to better educate our customers on the support they arereceiving and what steps they need to take in the case an issue comesup. The agreement includes a formalized escalation process so customersare fully aware of how to handle issues based on their severity to makesure they receive the level of support needed to address problems in aquick and efficient manner.

#3 – Created a Customer Support Feedback Portal

Weneed to hear from customers about their needs. That’s why Metalogixcreated a new Customer Support Feedback Portal that allows customers torate the support they received and explain how their needs were met.This gives the Metalogix Support Team the crucial information needed tomake any adjustments to support response and ensure that we are alwaystaking the correct steps to address all issues. Customers can alwaysleave feedback here: Customer Support Feedback

What Our Customers Say:  “Theentire Metalogix staff has been extremely helpful in resolving anyissues we've encountered with the web to SharePoint migration tool.Probably the best IT customer service team we've worked with in a longtime!” – Teresa V.

#4 – Increased the Number of Support Staff

Akey aspect in improving support has been the addition of several newSupport Team members. As Metalogix continues to exponentially grow as acompany, we need to be prepared to constantly meet the needs of thatgrowing customer base. By adding more staff, we are better positioned toaddress issues even faster and cut down on the response time, which weunderstand can be business-critical to a customer.

#5 – Moved Dispatcher Insider of Metalogix

Metalogixwill discontinue the usage of outside answering firm as we now havedispatchers within our offices. This is another crucial step to cuttingdown on responses and ensuring that customers are immediately directedto the support team member they need to be connected with. We expectthis to have a dramatic impact on customers and we are hopeful younotice the improvement the next time you contact customer support.

#6 – Created a RSS Feed for Support

Anotherway that Metalogix has improved our communication with customers isthrough our new RSS feed created specifically for support. You can signup for the RSS feed by clicking here.The feed is specially designed to keep customers up to date on releasenotes, support updates and hotfix alerts. The feed will be regularlyupdated with crucial information, making sure customers are constantlyaware of important information that will help them get the most of ourMetalogix solutions.

#7 – Improved Training for the Metalogix Support Team

Weare aware that improving support requires continuously improving oursupport team. Starting in 2011, we have focused on providing our supportteam with improvements in process, training and certifications in aneffort to ensure they are fully prepared for any possible situation thatcould arise. We pride ourselves on being prepared for our customers’needs.

To learn more, please visit The Metalogix Support Page.


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