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August 02, 2012 | Washington DC

Development Hot Fix Release Announcement

Migration Manager for SharePoint and Migration Manager for SharePoint - Public Folder Edition

Metalogix is proud to announce the release of the Migration Manager for SharePoint and Migration Manager for SharePoint - Public Folder Edition build which are Hot Fixes on the 5.1 Release.  Existing customers can decide if they should upgrade based on the changes in this releases.


This build fixes a few issues and has one new feature.


NOTE: This build still uses a new version of the web service. It uses

Release Highlights

This release adds the following key features:


Why is it Important to Customers

Improve logging of failures during web part processing.

Customers can better understand the issues surrounding the failures to migrate certain web parts so they can note which web part encountered the failure, what page the web part is on, and what the consequences of the failure.

Add detailed logging of web parts failures that occur during web part copying.

Maintenance Issues


Completion Notes

SPS 2003 - Reserved column names not displayed in mapping GUI.

Fixed an issue where namespaces in field definitions could cause field detection to fail through a database connection.

Add documentation for Http 413 - Entity too large when connecting using SSL

Added a content section to the bottom of the "Include Certificates" page in the "Configuration" section of the Migration Manager for SharePoint Help. This was added to cover a possible scenario that users might encounter when connecting to SharePoint while including SSL certificates.

Document Adding through the Client Side Object Model is obscuring errors

Document copying to SharePoint 2010 via the native web services adapter should no longer obfuscate timeout errors. Additionally, some scenarios which cause problems with a particular method of document adding will no longer attempt to use that approach.

Filter And / Or condition changes after the setting has been saved and re-opened

Filter conditions now save and re-open correctly.

Update Public Folder Edition help (new SharePoint Logon UI)

Migration Manager for SharePoint - Public Folder Edition help was updated. "Connect to a SharePoint Server" and "Configuring Proxy Settings" pages were updated and new page "Connecting with Certificates" was added into the help.


About Migration Manager for SharePoint

Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint simplifies moving, upgrading and managing your SharePoint content on-premises or in the cloud. With industry-leading performance, we provide a powerful combination of capabilities to allow you to upgrade from SharePoint 2003 or 2007 to SharePoint 2010; migrate file shares or legacy document and content management systems to SharePoint; or move content from one location to another without disruption. With its award-winning, intuitive user interface, content owners as well as administrators can quickly upgrade or migrate content and SharePoint sites between servers or re-organize the farm.


About Migration Manager for SharePoint – Public Folder Edition

Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint - Public Folder Edition is a powerful solution for migrating Exchange Public Folder content directly to SharePoint in one operation without the need to install software on your Exchange server. Migration Manager for SharePoint – Public Folder Edition gives administrators the flexibility to migrate email into SharePoint as standard EML or native Outlook MSG file format and browse, preview and analyze public folder content prior to migration. The solution preserves the original data and metadata during content migration, while rendering intuitive and easy-to-use views in SharePoint for both Outlook and web browser users.


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