Metalogix To Present And Celebrate Its 10th Anniversary In Conjunction With SharePoint's Birthday At Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2011

September 26, 2011 | Washington DC

Metalogix StoragePoint 3.3 is now available with new features and enhancements.

New Features and Enhancements

Single Instancing

Single Instance Storage reducesstorage utilization by storing only one copy of duplicate blobs that mayexist in the profile. This single copy may then be referenced bymultiple SharePoint documents and libraries.

Duplicates canoccur for many reasons in SharePoint but are usually the result of sitesprawl or bloat. Many different copies of the same document may existthroughout the site – each taking up some amount of storage. By storingonly one copy of the underlying BLOB file, StoragePoint can reduce thestorage impact of these duplicates.

Single Instance Storage isan option on the Add/Edit Storage Profile screen. Simply check the boxand save the profile to turn the feature on.

Licensing Changes

The layout of the License Management page has been reconfigured to show more detail, including the amount of data allowed and used.

To keep this information current (no more than 180 days old), reactivating the license may be required. A timer job which can be run manually or on a schedule has been added to Central Administration. See Activating the Software in the Metalogix StoragePoint Installation and Adminitstration guide for more information.

StoragePoint Database Failover

The checkbox "Failover Active (check to activate failover server)" has been removed from the General Settings page. The failover server name will be in the database connection string as an attribute "Failover Partner", so it is not necessary to do anything manually after Metalogix StoragePoint database failover happens. Metalogix StoragePoint should automatically connect to the failover server when the original StoragePoint database is not available.

Fixes and Minor Enhancements

Archiving Rules

Versions archiving rules could behave unexpectedly if the version rule tiers were not contiguous. (BugFix)


Site endpoint filters would not include sub-sites of the selected site. Only the selected site would be considered. (BugFix)

General Settings

General Settings page fails to load if StoragePoint database was loaded from different farm. (BugFix)


Specifying a Librarian file type exclusion that is already excluded by SharePoint would generate an error. (BugFix)

Event handler suppression was not working during Librarian cataloging jobs. (BugFix)

Some Librarian errors were logged only to the SharePoint ULS logs and not the Librarian Job Log. (BugFix)

Librarian catalog jobs could appear to hang while cataloging very deep directory structures. (BugFix)

Librarian would fail to generate thumbnails for Picture libraries in MOSS. (BugFix)

Librarian would fail to catalog certain files or folders and would terminate the entire cataloging job. (BugFix)

Librarian performance improvements of up to 30%. (Feature)

Added Librarian performance logging. (Feature)

Filenames with dashes (-) would cause issues during Librarian "dual mode" catalog jobs. (BugFix)

“SharePoint and File Share Mode" would fail to detect changes to file share files that had already been cataloged using RBS. (BugFix)

License Keys

Offline activation keys may not properly record servers used. (BugFix)

License activation could fail if no adapters or options were included on the key in the license. (BugFix)

When a StoragePoint license would expire, RBS uploads/writes to SharePoint would error out instead of going into the Content Database. Did not apply to EBS. (BugFix)

FileShare and Basic license types would error out during activation in the StoragePoint installer. (BugFix)


StoragePoint 2.2 to 3.0 database upgrade was failing on similarly named web applications. (BugFix)

Known Issues

Installer May Not Always Rollback on Abort

Depending on how far into the process you are the installer may not be able to rollback all performed operations. It is recommended that you verify in Central Administration that the solution was successfully deployed if you are installing/repairing/upgrading or successfully retracted if you are removing. You can look under Solution Management on the Operations page to check the state of the bluethread.storagepoint.feature.wsp feature.

System Cache Configuration Required to Use File Type Filters

If you have upgraded from a previous version of Metalogix StoragePoint and you used a filter based on file type, you will need to change the Endpoint Selection Method to Asynchronous on any storage profiles that are using a File Type filter. Once you make this change, you will see your file type filter display in the endpoint description. File Type filters are no longer available for Synchronous write profiles. 


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