Metalogix Product Release Announcement - StoragePoint 4.2

July 31, 2013 | Washington DC

StoragePoint 4.2 and StoragePoint Express

Metalogix is proud to announce the 4.2 release of StoragePoint and the release of StoragePoint Express.  We strongly encourage existing customers of StoragePoint to download and install the 4.2 release of StoragePoint to take advantage of new product features and maintenance issues addressed in this release. 

This release enhances StoragePoint by:

  • Introducing a new integrated full SharePoint backup feature to address the number one concern that customers have with RBS solutions. StoragePoint is first fully integrated SharePoint Content Storage, automated full backup and granular recovery solution.
  • Launching StoragePoint Express including a 200GB Capacity Under Management free license. StoragePoint Express has been priced and packaged to meet the basic needs of customers relating to RBS and includes a subset of features of the full StoragePoint product.
  • Expanding the retention capabilities through synchronization between SharePoint Information Management Policies and External Storage Retention Policies including integration with EMC Centera for event based retention policies.

Release Highlights



Why is it Important to Customers

Introduction of integrated SharePoint backup


StoragePoint now includes the ability to automate SharePoint backups as well as provide continuous BLOB backup capability coupled with built-in granular recovery. This means that it is the first and only solution on the market that provides integrated SharePoint BLOB storage, backup and granular recovery.

How to handle their backup and restore process is the number one concern that customers have with an RBS solution. Not only do we now address this concern but we do it from within SharePoint thus eliminating the need for an additional separate third party backup.

Improved Features for Retention and Integration with Third Party Storage Products


For customers needing more control for longer term retention of content we have added the capability to synchronize between SharePoint Information Management Policies and external storage platforms including Event Based Retention integration with EMC Centera.

Customers often need the RBS solution to also meet their retention requirements. This often involves integrating with specialist capabilities in their third party storage platforms.


For details and product downloads, please click here to visit the Product Resources Page on the Metalogix website.


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