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October 18, 2011 | Washington DC

Metalogix Archive Manager - SharePointEdition 5.1.32 has been released. Below you will find the build notesassociated with this release.


  • The product was renamed to Archive Manager SharePoint Edition. After upgrading all naming and product logos will be changed. The product installation paths remain unchanged.
  • If you update to 4.2.25 or higher, then please make sure that you have .NET 2.0 SP2 installed.
    • If more Archive Manager products are present on the same server or use the same components in a distributed architecture, all have to be updated to version 5.1.
    • After the installation please ensure that the FilePAMWebService handler mapping is configured the following way:

o  Apply to ‘*.*’

o  Apply to files and folders

o  On IIS 7 the application pool is set to “Classic” Managed Pipeline Mode



New Features


  • Document lifetime (retention category) based on documents creation time.

 Archive Web changes


  • New: Role and permission management.
  • New: Consolidated functionality for Archive Manager products.
  • Changes:

o  “Export to excel” added to the asynchronous tasks page.

o  Start/stop Images changed for asynchronous task, tooltips added.

o  Possible to add comments to archived files.

o  Statistics page – show only allowed servers.

  • Fixed:

o  Empty search history label added for search history page if there was no search history.

o  Export to ZIP statistics date range fixed.

o  Appearance of the scrollbars in IE 8 fixed.

o  Icon height for file type icons corrected to 17 pixels.

o  File preview fixed for IE 8.

o  Maximum length of column was not applied for “Folder” column.

  • Fixed: Mobile device support:

o  Text field information added for search date fields.

o  Missing headers added.

o  Common search template field on Search -> Options tab.


Search Improvements


  • OEM version of Archive Manager Search – supporting OEM store type as a content source.
  • SharePoint 2010 search support.

Bug Fixes

  • Remote server -> Create retention category with same name on archive servers using the same DB was not possible.
  • Legal hold attribute on the document was ignored in some cases.
  • Improved copy settings functionality.
  • Folder based statistics were removed from statistic type list.

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