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October 10, 2012 | Washington DC

Replicator 5.1 has been released and is available for download in 64-bit and 32-bit editions. You can upgrade to this release from any earlier 5.0 release in place or from a 4.1 release with no active packages by running the new installer.

This release enhances the use and performance of SharePoint by:

  • Giving SharePoint administrators greater control over security options for Replicator.
  • Supporting a greater range of SharePoint configurations and deployments.
  • Updating target term stores with used managed metadata terms.
  • Replicating both content type and site-scoped workflows.
  • Replicating KWizCom and Bamboo web parts.
  • Replicating a greater variety of SharePoint changes.

Release Highlights

This release adds the following key features to Replicator for SharePoint:


Why is it Important to Customers

Encrypted Replication Packages

Additional security added allowing for password encryption of Replicator zip files.


Administrators can now encrypt replication packages for greater security in local storage and during transport.

Passphrase Authorization for Web Applications

Added security to Replicator by adding the ability to authorize inbound connections with a web application passphrase.


Administrators can now specify replication passphrases that authorize connections from other web applications.

Cloned Web Application Support

Replicator now supports replication between cloned web applications.


Replicator now supports the use of cloned web applications. Use of cloned VMs is a common practice with maritime fleets and testing labs.

Managed Metadata Term Insertion
Items referencing terms in the Managed Metadata Term Store now have the terms added to the target term store during replication.


As customers add list items that reference the local managed metadata term store, the used terms are inserted into the target managed metadata term store.

Simplified CBA Configuration
Replicator no longer requires an extended web application for web applications using claims-based authentication.


Web applications using claims-based authentication can be configured using the same steps as web applications using classic authentication. This significantly simplifies the configuration of Replicator in these environments.

Folder-based Rules Condition

Added condition for rules, which allows users to skip replication for items in a specific folder.


Administrators can change replication behaviors for list items based on the folder they are in.

Content Type Workflow Support
Added ability to replicate content type workflow associations.


Replicator now replicates content type workflow associations.

Site-scoped Workflow Support

Added ability to replicate site-scoped workflow associations.


Replicator now replicates site-scoped workflows.

KWizCom Web Part Support

Added support for KWizCom v14.2.03 List Filter Plus Web Part.


Replicator now supports the KWizCom List Filter Plus web part. Changes made to this web part on a page are now replicated.

Bamboo Web Part Support

Added support for replication of several Bamboo web parts, including ones in the Bamboo Project Management Suite.


Replicator now supports the web parts in the Bamboo Project Management Suite. Changes made to these parts on a page are now replicated.

Site Collection Administrator Replication

Changes to site collection administrators made in Central Administration and also under Site Settings are now replicated.


Changes to site collection administrators are now replicated.

Portal Site Connection Replication

Added ability to replicate portal site connections.


Changes to the Portal Site Connection setting are now replicated.

Low Disk Space Warnings

Replicator now reports low disk space in data folders to the Windows Event Log and while running the Configuration Wizard. Replication is paused when this is reported.


Replicator now warns administrators and gracefully pauses replication when it detects low disk space in the Replicator Data Folders.


About Replicator for SharePoint

Metalogix Replicator for SharePoint, part of the Metalogix award-winning content management portfolio, synchronizes mission critical SharePoint content across geographically distributed SharePoint infrastructures. Specifically, Metalogix Replicator for SharePoint gives SharePoint managers the ability to manage, synchronize, and connect distributed SharePoint content so that all parts of an organization can work from the most current information, keeping operations running smoothly while avoiding costly and embarrassing regulatory violations. Metalogix Replicator for SharePoint is the only solution that delivers real-time multi-directional replication, which ensures uninterrupted, fully synchronized and highly responsive access to SharePoint content from remote locations on land, sea, and in the air. For more information, see


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