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May 19, 2011 | Washington DC

Beta version 4.2.1100 of Migration Manager for SharePoint - Blogs and Wikis Edition contains new features for connecting to WordPress, copying multiple source nodes at one time and support for a sites landing page as well as 6 fixes.

  • Page migration disables versioning on lists (ITM-08939): Corrected an issue that caused versioning to be turned off on lists after pages are migrated. (BugFix) src=/images/BugFix.gif
  • Items View column widths are not preserved (ITM-08938): Column widths are now preserved in the items view when switching between tabs. (BugFix)
  • Link Correction correcting page links to Item Properties page rather than to real content (ITM-08886): We changed the link correction behaviour to point to page and document content instead of the list item properties page on SharePoint. This change does not affect links for list items within custom lists. (BugFix)
  • "Find and Replace in Column..." action results in error (ITM-08201): Resolved an issue that caused the Find and Replace action to throw an InvalidArgument exception and fail. (BugFix)
  • Distinct WordPress connection (ITM-08137): There is a now a specific "Connect to WordPress" option in the Add Connections menu. (Feature)
  • Link tags in Mediawiki discussions don't get converted to links. (ITM-08128): Resolved an issue that prevented [[Link]] tags within discussions from getting converted to hyperlinks after migration. (BugFix)
  • Multi-select capabilities (ITM-07716): It is now possible to select multiple source nodes and copy them to a SharePoint target simultaniously. (Feature)
  • Ability to specify a sites landing page (ITM-07408): When pasting as an Enterprise Wiki or Publishing Site, the Site options tab will contain a dialog that allows the user to choose the welcome page. (Feature)
  • Invalid 'siprop' parameter exception thrown for MediaWiki 1.11.2 (ITM-08050): Resolved an issue that caused errors when connecting to version 1.11.2 of MediaWiki/ (BugFix)



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