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June 01, 2011 | Washington DC

NOTE: Metalogix acquired Syntergy's SharePoint business in March 2012.

Combination of Syntergy Replicator for SharePoint® and Microsoft SharePoint® Meets Trident Warrior 11 Standards

La Jolla, CA—January 10, 2012—Following the Trident Warrior 11 (TW11) SharePoint/Lync Experimentation and testing, Syntergy Replicator for SharePoint was recommended to be endorsed by AUSCANNZUKUS (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States) as a product suitable for quickly and reliably replicating SharePoint information in a Maritime Tactical Networking environment. This testing was performed at sea utilizing Navy ships from multiple countries with challenged network configurations.

The Trident Warrior exercise is an annual sea trial experiment that focuses on at-sea experimentation of approximately 100 critical maritime technologies and is led by the Naval Network Warfare Command with technical and lab support from SPAWAR Pacific and Naval Post Graduate School.

"TW11 was the first time that SharePoint replication was successfully conducted over maritime low-bandwidth, high-latency tactical networks," said Martin Jordan, Allied/Coalition Interoperability, FLEX Coalition Lead Engineer, SPAWAR 5.0AST. "We look forward to continuing to progress the ability of our warfighters to collaborate within and between the US and Allied navies."

In a network-challenged environment, using 64k SATCOM, key findings included:


  • Replication times for large files (both images and documents) were typically 2-3 minutes and never greater than 4 minutes.
  • Replication times for files marked for priority replication were consistently received in less than 1 minute and before other documents.
  • Using HDR-SNR, files replicated so quickly that it was difficult for users to measure exact timings.
  • Changes to SharePoint sites, such as changes to text banners or background colours were replicated "more or less instantly".
  • Syntergy compression algorithms reduced files the most.


Additionally, results of a survey following the testing indicated that 100% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that “SharePoint replicates information between units quickly enough to be operationally useful”. It was important that in the competitive comparisons, Syntergy’s patent pending compression technology had a 10% improvement over Infonic’s compression.

“Syntergy is pleased with the findings of the Trident Warrior 11 lab testing and sea trials,” said Mark Mueller, Federal Director, Syntergy. “The results of this exercise, combined with the successful testing of our bi-directional CAS/Domino<>SharePoint gateway, offer US and coalition Navies a compelling end to end COTS solution for distributed collaboration and information sharing.”

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