Migration Manager for SharePoint – Blogs & Wikis Edition Build (Beta) Available

January 24, 2012 | Washington DC

Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint and MetalogixSelective Restore Manager for SharePoint Build (Release) Published. Thisbuild fixes a few issues.

  • Document Authorship metadata is not being preserved when migrating to NWS connection if migrated in large data sets  (ITM-12321): Document Authorship metadata should be preserved now. Check documentation for more details. (BugFix)
  • Implement Transformation Task for web part migration (ITM-12369): Right now, it is possible to perform web part zone mapping. You need to define Task Collection XML in PowerShell script. It is not possible to performing mapping on GUI. (Feature)
  • Add ability to map to all site columns when applying content types (ITM-12389): When applying new content types, users will now have the option of mapping to any site column, rather than only the ones referenced by the content types to be applied. (Feature)
  • Verbose logging is not present in the PowerShell commands (ITM-12393): Verbose logging option has been added to the PowerShell commands. (BugFix)
  • Mapped fields should be removed from lists (ITM-12394): Fields which have been mapped to new fields (and are thus empty for all items) will now be removed from the list. (Feature)
  • an case (Atlas) when SPField name contains an space character in name ("Up Down"). Possible when List or CT is deployed as feature (ITM-12395): Now is possible to migrate list and items with fields which contains white space in name ("Up Down"). (BugFix)


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