Public Beta Testing for Metalogix Content Matrix 6.1

February 27, 2013 | Washington DC


Metalogix is announcing a limited special offer to all current Metalogix Migration Manager Customers to transition their current deployment of Migration Manager to the expanded capabilities of Metalogix Content Matrix Version 6.

Metalogix Content Matrix V6

Metalogix Content Matrix V6 is the new content infrastructure solution for migration and on-going organization of SharePoint content. It was specifically enhanced to improve the use and performance of dynamically evolving deployments of SharePoint.  

Metalogix launched Content Matrix on November 5, 2012 to provide the most powerful way to upgrade, migrate and continuously organize SharePoint content. Content Matrix builds upon Metalogix’s years of experience with SharePoint to provide new capabilities such as direct migration to SharePoint 2013, direct migration to Office 365/SharePoint Online 2013 and self-service content organization tools for end users.

Content Matrix also features a simple and cost-effective pricing model that includes ability to migrate content from all supported sources including SharePoint, File Shares, Blogs and Wikis, Exchange Public Folders and e-Room.

We are pleased to report that customers have received Content Matrix very well and many customers have already transitioned from Migration Manager to Content Matrix. For instance, Claire Edgson, Group IT Manager at Chalcroft Ltd. says “What used to take us half a day to complete is now done within 30 minutes. For us, it’s been absolute gold.”

Transition from Migration Manager to Content Matrix

As part of our continuing commitment to bring you the best content migration and organization capabilities, Metalogix is offering all Migration Manager Customers the opportunity to convert their Migration Manager licenses to Content Matrix. Please contact us at +1-202-609-9100 or using the Contact Us form to learn how you can easily transition to Content Matrix.

As is standard in the industry with the release of a major evolution and enhancement of the product, we expect to freeze new releases and standard support of Migration Manager in Q1, 2014.

We look forward to helping you transition to Content Matrix and be able to continue to get the award winning migration functionality as well as new features like support for SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Online 2013 and post-migration organization tools for end users.


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