Replicator for SharePoint 5.1 Hotfix Announcement

February 15, 2013 | Washington DC
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Version History is not preserved properly under some circumstances

If the source list settings only allows major versions, then the target list will only allow the creation of major versions. In this case, if there is a minor versioning the migrating Item, SharePoint will prevent creating minor versions on the target. This results in every minor version becoming a major version. Special logic has been added to handle this situation to preserve minor versions even under these special circumstances.


User mapping is not applied to the target site creation when copying MySites using the Copy Server Elements operation

User mapping is now applied to the target site during MySites migration.


Not Preserving Deleted AD Users when using Claims Authentication on target SP 2010

Deleted AD Users are now migrated successfully to target SP2010.


List item count doesn't update automatically after adding or deleting folders within it


File Share Edition

Long String Editor doesn't work for multiple selected files


Filter Options for the Pre-Migration check action are not being applied.

We've identified and resolved an issue that caused filters to be ignored when performing a pre-migration check.


When migrating to Document sets (from Target Hierarchy Options) Document Collection Folder is created instead of new Document Set


Copying only files to a document library without the folder does not work when running the powershell script


Copying items fails in Powershell but works in GUI - FileShare Edition


eRoom Edition

Permissions failing when pasting as site collection

Resolved the issue of permissions failed to migrate when user mapping is imported with XML mapping


Pasting eRoom container as a site collection does not use the parent site template for child sites

Pasting an eRoom container as site previously defaulted to a blank site template. It now defaults to the site template of the parent site.


Eroom database migrations not carrying metadata over

We've addressed an issue during the copy of eRoom Databases to SharePoint that resulted in columns and cell values failing to migrate.


StoragePoint tab missing from paste configuration dialogs


User mappings not applied - imported from XML file and option "Edit Mappings" is NOT applied in the configuration options - users EXIST on target site collection


Website Edition

Typo in log for Export to CSV action


Extract content from property via workspace fails with error


Find and Replace (Ends with) fails


Migration Manager for SharePoint - Website Edition Support for Sandboxed Web Templates


Documentum Edition

Name of cabinet is not displaying properly after connection


Mappings not being applied during migrations

The drop-down list for selecting the user list source connection had accidentally been hidden in the global mappings configuration. This issue lead to confusion during normal use and unexpected behaviour at migration time in form of failed user mappings. We have now corrected the configuration dialog so the option is visible again.


'Input string was not in correct format' message received when retrieving cabinets in Documentum

Retrieving items count from cabinets and any other containers will be defaulted to use a best-effort approach.

About Content Matrix

Metalogix Content Matrix is built to simplify an organization’s content experience. SharePoint architects and administrators can easily and quickly upgrade from any version of SharePoint to SharePoint 2013. They can also migrate file shares and documents from legacy enterprise content management (ECM) systems and keep SharePoint content organized in a high fidelity and ongoing basis. Further, content owners have more control over content directly from the SharePoint user interface.


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