Replicator for SharePoint 5.1 Release Announcement

December 12, 2012 | Washington DC

Development Hot Fix Release Announcement

Migration Manager for SharePoint and Migration Manager for SharePoint - Public Folder Edition

Metalogix is proud to announce the release of the Migration Manager for SharePoint and Migration Manager for SharePoint - Public Folder Edition build which are Hot Fixes on the 5.1 Release.  Existing customers can decide if they should upgrade based on the changes in this release.


This build has no new feature but fixes a few issues.

 NOTE: This build still uses a new version of the web service. It uses

Maintenance Issues



Completion Notes


Error migrating custom content type when it inherits from type "Unknown Document Type" -  Warning: The content type is read only

This has been changed to use the content type returned from the add to interact with our added content types.


Not Preserving Deleted AD Users when using Claims Authentication on target SP 2010

Deleted AD users are now properly preserved when migration to a SP 2010 Target using Claims Authentication.


OOB Fields that have Display Name and/or Type changed, changes do not get migrated.

OOB fields that were modified will now migrate properly.


Migration Manager for SharePoint Version History is not preserved properly under some circumstances


Alert Time does not migrated correctly when "Site Level" Regional Setting is applied.

Alert times now correctly migrate according to the site's regional setting's timezone.


Retrieving version history of list items from the NWS adaptor results in data "shifting" when no data exists for certain fields in older versions

Fixed an issue where version reading in the NWS could assign data to the wrong version in rare circumstances.

The implementation looks fine, but it's not thread safe.


Restoring of SQL backup file and the consequent restore option with a lot of sites around 20000 and above take a long time for populating a few hours

The restore point identification algorithm should now perform better for farms with a large number of site collections.


Migration Manager for SharePoint Issue with columns that have the same first 20 characters

Issue resolved.


Taxonomy Options should be disabled for SharePoint Foundation 2010 target

Taxonomy Options are now disabled for SharePoints which do not support Managed Metadata.


Default Features Not Being Cleared on Target SP 2010 Sites

Choosing the "Clear Default Features on Target" option when copying a site from SharePoint 2003 will now result in all features being deactivated on the newly created site since 2003 does not have features. Note that this does not apply for copies using the Native Web Services adapter which does not support the activation/deactivation of features.


Losing settings of Content Query Web Parts when migrating sites from 2010 to 2010

Issue resolved.


User mapping is not applied to the target site creation when copying MySites using the Copy Server Elements operation

Checked in to Main Branch on Dec -6th
-Both Admin mod and self service modes are working


Data View Web Parts Not Migrating

Issue resolved. In case user is copying just the subsites or webparts make sure correct url and list id mappings are set.


Add the option to use IE 7 with web browser authentication

An override has been added. The environment variable name is "AllowIE7WebBrowserAuthentication".


Update the Support phone number/ contact email with updated information and add a link to Support Web Portal

All of the Product Edition's "Getting Started" guides have been updated to reflect the new Support phone number (1-202-609-9100).
All ".net" references were changed to ".com" for emails and URLs.
A line was added linking to the Support Web Portal (for filing a ticket).
All of these changes were also made to the "Getting Help" page in each Documentation CHM file, and the CHM's were recompiled. This includes SharePoint Edition, all ECMs and Selective Restore.
these changes were made in both Prod (5.0.1) and Main (5.1.0 - via Merge) branches.


Migrated SPD Workflows - Unable to start manually or action a task.

SPD Workflows that have XSN templates migrate correctly and allow related workflows to be started manually.


About Migration Manager for SharePoint

Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint simplifies moving, upgrading and managing your SharePoint content on-premises or in the cloud. With industry-leading performance, we provide a powerful combination of capabilities to allow you to upgrade from SharePoint 2003 or 2007 to SharePoint 2010; migrate file shares or legacy document and content management systems to SharePoint; or move content from one location to another without disruption. With its award-winning, intuitive user interface, content owners as well as administrators can quickly upgrade or migrate content and SharePoint sites between servers or re-organize the farm.

About Migration Manager for SharePoint – Public Folder Edition

Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint - Public Folder Edition is a powerful solution for migrating Exchange Public Folder content directly to SharePoint in one operation without the need to install software on your Exchange server. Migration Manager for SharePoint – Public Folder Edition gives administrators the flexibility to migrate email into SharePoint as standard EML or native Outlook MSG file format and browse, preview and analyze public folder content prior to migration. The solution preserves the original data and metadata during content migration, while rendering intuitive and easy-to-use views in SharePoint for both Outlook and web browser users.


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