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October 03, 2011 | Washington DC

Metalogix Archive Manager - Exchange Edition 5.1.31 has been released. Below you will find the build notes associated with this release.



  • The product was renamed to Archive Manager Exchange Edition.
    After the upgrade the product names and product logos will be changed. The product installation path remain unchanged.

  • If you are updating from 4.2.25 or higher, then please make sure that you have .NET 2.0 SP2 installed.
    • If more Archive Manager products are present on the same server or use the same components in a distributed architecture, all products have to be updated to version 5.1.
    • If you are installing the Archive Manager on a computer with Microsoft SharePoint installed (any version) the web applications of Archive Manager will be installed on different ports (9981 for web services and 7781 for ArchiveWeb). Please keep in mind to include the port number when configuring access to the archive and retrieve servers.
    • If you are installing the Archive Manager on a computer with BlackBerry server installed (any version) please note that Archive Manager requires Outlook while BlackBerry requires Exchange MAPI. These components can’t coexist on the same computer. Please contact Metalogix support about the update possibilities.
    • After the installation please ensure that the exchangePAMWS handler mapping is configured the following way (for more details, please see the documentation):

o  Apply to ‘*.*’

o  Apply to files and folders

o  On IIS 7 the application pool is set to “Classic” Managed Pipeline Mode

 New features

  • Document lifetime (retention category) based on mails sent/received time.
  • Exalead CloudView 5.0 support.
  • Shortcut configuration options - multiple types.
  • Scripting engine with named property support.
  • Search result export to excel file.
  • Common Monitoring service for Archive Manager products.

Archive Web new features

  • Role and permission management.
  • Consolidated functionality for Archive Manager products.

Search Improvements

  • OEM version of Archive Manager Search – supporting OEM store type as a content source.
  • SharePoint 2010 search support.

Installer Improvements

  • Firewall exception configuration

Other Improvements

  • Improved support for Exchange 2010 SP2.
  • Possible to disable attachment opening in OWA 2010.
  • Improved MAC Office 2011 support.
  • Shortcut synchronization between different locations.
  • Improved speed in Scheduler job.

List of fixes

  • Parent folders are created for lost items if they are missing
  • Licensing: retrieve server does not increase the number of used mailboxes.
  • Legalhold handling for lost items.
  • Missing retention category list while archiving in OWA
  • Indexing attachments of non archived mails.
  • Minor UI fixes.

Known Issues

  • Public folder lost items cannot be restored if the parent folders are missing.
  • OWA extensions: if a larger attachment (> 15 MB) is retrieved using OWA extension, IIS might run out of kernel memory resources after a long run. The problem is that IIS requires a continuous fragment of kernel memory to transfer data. If the memory gets fragmented, IIS is not able to transfer large amount of data. Please note that this fragmentation is caused by other 3rd  party software but affects the OWA extension functionality. We are providing a workaround for our customers if this exact case is detected in form of patch.
  • Gatherer: Due to security changes the HTTP channels used for gatherer-PST import server communication must be securable. This means that an SSL certificate must be assigned to the web site on each computer (client and server). Since this is a very strong requirement, you can use TCP channel for communication. This does not require an SSL certificate. Installing the 5.1 gatherer setup over an existing installation automatically changes the protocol from HTTP to TCP.
  • Archive Manager Search: the hit limit configuration key limits the total number of search results (including deleted documents). However if the deleted documents are filtered out, the final result might contain less results than the defined hit limit.
  • Enterprise Manager: post processing statistics might throw a database timeout exception. There is no workaround for this problem yet.
  • Due to a change in MAPI profile handling, by default only one MAPI profile is created per Exchange Server.
  • It is mandatory to install Outlook (2003, 2007 or 2010 – only 32bit versions). If the mailboxes can’t be opened in Enterprise Manager, it is necessary to adjust the MAPI profiles manually using Outlook.
  • If for some reason the single profile per Exchange Server does not allow to open additional mailboxes, it is necessary to switch the application to use one profile per mailbox. In this case the “profile guard” must be turned off in the guard service.
  • To connect to Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010 it is necessary to use at least Outlook 2007. This will ensure that the “Encrypt data between Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange” profile setting is set by default.
  • If the PST import is not able to configure the MAPI profile (MAPI_E_UNCONFIGURED or similar), it is recommended to set the “DS Server” or “Closest GC” registry key for Outlook (
  • The Guard service should not be used in version 5.1, however it is enabled by default. In any case, it is recommended to turn off the “profile guard” feature or at least set the maximum number of profiles to a value higher than the number of mailboxes synchronized in address book.
WARNING: If more Metalogix Archive Manager products are present on the same server or use the same components in a distributed architecture, all have to be updated to version 5.1.


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