Operational Effectiveness

Defense and intelligence organizations are unique in both their complexity and their need for responsive cross-organizational collaboration. For many, SharePoint is a critical underpinning that facilitates their ease-of-collaboration needs – from project management, workflow & alert management, resource scheduling, to asset repository maintenance. Using the Metalogix suite of solutions, your agency can greatly reduce learning barriers and realize returns, such as: Reduced time to SharePoint effectiveness; Rapid and value-adding Return on Investment; Powerful permissions management; Mission-critical Continuity of Operations

Secure Content

As complex systems continue to connect to one another and expand the attack surface of government networks, security threats (both internal and external) will continue to grow. Keep your sensitive content safe and out of unauthorized hands by reducing risk at every data touch-point including eliminating the need for manual replication and removable media and strictly managing governance policies and permissions to limit insider risk exposure

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Modernize Infrastructure

Create a resilient, responsive, secure and cost-effective infrastructure while meeting mandates for migration, consolidation and optimization. Metalogix tools improve manageability and quality of service across email, files, SharePoint content and legacy applications by reducing multiple systems to one platform. Break down barriers among information silos, tag and reorganize content for faster searching and access, and keep a closer eye on security. Leverage over a decade of migration experience to identify roadblocks before they become an issue. Analyze file metadata and simplify identification and preparation of files to migrate. During migration; merge, split and reclassify collections, sites, lists and other content

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Maintain Communications

Keep SharePoint content continuously in sync –on-base or in-theater. Metalogix tools simplify Continuity of Operations by ensuring high availability under extraordinary conditions, such as command and control operations in forward locations. Ensure that your organization is always privy to the latest intelligence, while protecting against data destruction, loss or compromise. Prioritize what content gets replicated first and automatically preserve security envelopes across network boundaries and roles. Guarantee uptime to critical content when time matters most.

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Cross Domain

Whether on-base or in-theater, the ability to securely transfer cross domain SharePoint information is essential for mission success. Metalogix's solutions address the operational and security challenges associated with cross domain information sharing, ensuring warfighters have the information they need when they need it. Our solutions transfer content across security domains, collaborate effectively with joint, coalition partners, mitigate insider threats and information leaks and ensure redundancy.

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Data security - Cross domain file sharing

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