Modernize with Vision

Migrating to a centralized collaboration platform can help agencies to reach 21st Digital Government goals that cover everything from legacy IT upgrades, to data center optimization, to cloud migration. Whatever your short-term or long-term agency goals, Metalogix will be there with you to guide you from planning through execution and maintenance. The federal civilian suite of solutions makes it easy to; migrate, replicate and secure Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange and Office 365; identify migration problems and risks before they become headaches; execute on your migration plan without suffering business disruptions

Sync Content

Your agency requires content that's continuously in sync, wherever and whenever it's needed. Metalogix helps agencies to consolidate and synchronize content, even across multiple SharePoint farm locations, environments and versions. Collaborate even across disparate, challenged or low-bandwidth networks. Sync content based on its importance to your agency – critical content first. Be ready for the worst, ensuring your content is available even during crisis scenarios

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Effective Cybersecurity

Agencies are increasingly being targeted by Advanced Persistent Threats that seek to steal or destroy sensitive information. As agencies become increasingly reliant upon using sensitive information in a secure fashion to deliver citizen services, it is vital that they stay one step ahead of internal and external threats. By enforcing governance policies and managing permissions, agencies will be able to operate securely and confidently; ensure authorized access to sensitive content; audit user and administrator actions; secure cross domain replication

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Maintain Privacy

From FISMA to HIPAA, every sector is working to meet mandates to keep sensitive information secure, while also ensuring accessibility. Meeting these mandates requires not only a firm security foothold, but robust information governance capabilities as well. Ensure that your agencies' records are always up-to-date and in-sync by using tools that: automate and delegate governance; allow for de-confliction, either manually or automatically; gather, import and archive records files, such as PST email files

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Reduce Storage Requirements

SharePoint performance is a top priority when it comes to consolidating content, maximizing productivity and reducing budget costs. Metalogix solutions externalize unstructured data that affect the performance of your SharePoint environment, reducing content databases by up to 98 percent and lowering overhead by up to 90 percent. Reduce content databases by up to 98 percent and lower overhead by up to 90 percent because content is stored on less expensive storage tiers, including the cloud.

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