Community-wide Collaboration

Whether you want to simplify daily operations or manage information across complex platforms, Metalogix can help. Modernize delivery of citizen services by ensuring that your people have the up-to-date content and collaboration tools they need, no matter where they are working. With over a decade of experience, we have the insight you need to plan and prepare for a seamless SharePoint migration in a single hop. Analyze, find and fix potential migration speed bumps before they become roadblocks. Manage SharePoint sites, content and metadata on an ongoing basis. Migrate with zero downtime to ensure uninterrupted delivery of citizen services

Content Availability

Keep SharePoint content continuously in sync, anytime and everywhere your agency works. Metalogix solutions simplify Continuity of Operations by ensuring high availability under extraordinary conditions. Ensure that your organization is always privy to the latest intelligence, while protecting against data destruction, loss or compromise. Collaborate even across disparate, challenged or low-bandwidth networks. Guarantee uptime to critical content when time matters most. Be ready for the worst, ensuring your content is available even during crisis scenarios.

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Manage Costs

With limited budgets, state and local organizations are constantly on the lookout for modernization upgrades that will deliver enormous value for manageable costs. By migrating agency email, files, SharePoint content and legacy applications to a single, cloud-centric platform, you can improve both the manageability and quality of your citizen services while reducing infrastructure investments. Select the cloud model that fits your organizational structure – public, private or hybrid. Migrate large volumes of file share content with doubled upload and download speeds. Externalize content to address performance and scalability challenges.

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Citizen Privacy and Security

Citizens trust their state and local governments with Personally Identifiable Information and other sensitive content on a daily basis. That is why it is crucial to secure that content against loss or unauthorized access, both while in transit and at rest. By enforcing governance policies and managing permissions, agencies will be able to operate securely and confidently, as well as: ensure authorized access to sensitive content; audit user and administrator actions; secure cross domain replication.

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Migrate to the Cloud

Cloud migrations are becoming increasingly common across all levels of government, but especially for state and local governments looking to simply and cost-effectively improve their daily operations. By using Metalogix solutions to move all or a portion of your content to the cloud, you can quickly and easily migrate – whether to Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online within Office 365 or dedicated clouds. Move to the cloud with ease, make your budget go further and offload large volumes of SharePoint content to reduce storage.

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Cloud migration

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