Make Sense of Microsoft's Hybrid

SharePoint 2016 was purpose-built for hybrid. Yet many people don’t understand how they can make the best of Microsoft’s hybrid for their organization. Metalogix can help you understand the buzzwords and how you can turn that knowledge into action.

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Key Improvements That Will Drive You To SharePoint 2016

Improved User Experience

New features that are designed to enhance the ease of use for every SharePoint 2016 user.

Mobile Views

Hybrid App Launcher

Thresholds & Limits

Unified Hybrid Search

OneDrive for Business

Durable Links

Hybrid Team Site Follow

Profile Redirection

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Compliance and Reporting

As a key concern in the cloud, Microsoft has invested deeply in enhancing organizations’ understanding of the content within SharePoint.

Data Loss Prevention


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Cloud Inspired Infrastructure

Taking advantage of the improvements required to successfully run Office 365, these features provide confidence that SharePoint 2016 will be able to support your collaboration.

Hybrid Scenario Picker

Fast Site Creation

MinRole Servers

Search Improvements

Zero Downtime Patching

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Need Help in Moving to SharePoint 2016?

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Need Help in Moving to SharePoint 2016?