High Performance SharePoint

Metalogix offers a comprehensive set of performance and continuity capabilities that are designed to ensure seamless access to content for all users, wherever they are. See performance degradation before users report it; understand how to improve on-premises and cloud components; deliver content whenever and wherever it’s needed at the best possible speed; optimize databases to reduce cost; and, ensure uptime when systems are down.  We've got all the bases covered.

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100% content availability

100% Availability

100% availability is not a myth. Even in the cloud you can back-up your content to a secondary location to create 100% availability. And, on-premises you can deploy warm farms that have synchronized content or ensure you have a great back-up/restore plan.

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See Issues (Before Users Do)

Understanding performance issues in your SharePoint environment is difficult when the root cause could be any number of elements – farms, servers, the underlying network or the SQL on which SharePoint depends. Our approach allows you to monitor your entire environment from a single location and receive automatic alerts when problem thresholds are reached.  The goal?  See and fix problems before end users do.

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SharePoint performance monitoring

Backup and recovery

Multi-level Disaster Recovery

Stuff happens!  And, when it does, you need a multi-level disaster recovery plan.  Your network and database teams may have the infrastructure and SQL backups covered, but what about your SharePoint specific back-ups?  Whether it’s keeping the content outside of SQL for availability, or synchronizing content to a secondary farm, we can make sure a 'disaster' is an inconvenience, not a catastrophe.

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User Enabled Document Restore

Having content backups is great, but what about getting specific documents to your users quickly when they need them?  Metalogix provides restore capabilities on individual documents, not complex SharePoint structures and more importantly we can empower individual users outside the IT organization with the ability to restore the content that they directly manage.

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Recover SharePoint files

Optimize Performance

You’ve built your architecture to meet the new expectations of users in a fast-loading, always-updating cloud world, right? Now it’s time to deliver on the promise...and prove it. Metalogix can help you monitor your page, web part and server performance and optimize SQL content delivery by removing the largest files and putting them into more optimal storage.

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Replicate for Continuous Access

When your SharePoint supports business critical workflow processes, mission critical knowledge management, extranets that serve partners or being used during mergers & acquisitions, you can't afford for anyone not to have access. Metalogix can solve this by synchronizing your content to more than one place through replication of your SharePoint environment.

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