Externalize Your BLOBs!

SQL Server, the underlying content database for SharePoint, simply wasn’t designed to handle large files and rich content types. The result? Performance lags and users suffer. Metalogix solves these performance and scalability problems by externalizing content into more appropriate storage.  SharePoint still manages the content (good for you!) and performance improves (good for users!).

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Reduce Costs

Storage may be cheaper than ever, but the costs associated with managing the ever-increasing volume of data goes up. And when storage methods aren’t well managed, those costs increase exponentially. Metalogix allows you to store SharePoint, email and file content wherever you want – whether on inexpensive storage arrays or in the cloud. Choose the storage tier optimized for your organization’s cost and performance needs and manage in a cost effective way with our storage management solutions.

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Performance and Accessibility

Content needs to be available no matter what. From a user’s perspective, availability also means content can be accessed or found quickly. Ensuring your storage and archiving architecture is up to the demands of today’s user, or thousands of users, requires solutions that ensures high availability, performance and discoverability. Metalogix provides the solutions that ensure your SharePoint and email content remain highly accessible while delivering the performance your users demand.

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Data security - Compliance readiness 

Compliance Readiness

Whether you face HIPAA, SOX, or FIPS 140 requirements, you need to know your storage and archiving architecture can keep you in compliance. With Metalogix storage and archiving solutions, your SharePoint and email content will always be protected and your business compliant.

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The demands to preserve and deliver content upon request, whether for audits, lawsuits, or human resource issues are on the rise. For IT, this means delivering a content storage environment that can efficiently support eDiscoveries and legal holds. Metalogix storage management and archiving solutions allow you to support multiple simultaneous eDiscovery request and concurrent legal holds. With Metalogix, you can rapidly produce content and email on demand without pulling IT staff into crisis mode.

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