Understand, Move and Manage

Migration is a journey; and like all journeys, success is a function of good planning (and packing!), efficient travel and, most importantly an amazing destination.  Our most successful customers execute to a bigger picture; they see migration as an opportunity to clean things up, to re-establish structure and to put users back in control.  They anticipate problems before they impact the migration and they identify opportunities to innovate. 

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What Have You Got?

Whether you’re planning to migrate or just running the environment on a daily basis, understanding what you have is the first step.  Gathering that information generally falls to a manual process that takes time away from your other activities. We provide an automated method for gathering, and a visual way of analyzing and reporting on information about your environment and we tie that to how it can be best serve your business.

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Identify Roadblocks...Early

When you've been doing this for as long as we have, you learn what can cause problems, and we can help you identify them early and understand the level of effort around your migration.   We can scan your SharePoint farm and analyze your Web Appliations, Content Databases and SharePoint sites to identify which are outside Microsoft Guidelines; we can give you insight into large site collections, checked out files or lots of large files that we know will slow down or even halt migrations.

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Migrate Only What You Need

If a migration doesn't improve the utility and efficiency of collaboration, don't do it.  Users will only want to engage with an environment that is fast, easy to use, and makes collaboration easier so it doesn’t make sense to migrate irrelevant, stale content that hasn’t been touched by end-users for months or even years. We'll help you identify content that is no longer in use and leave it behind, making your migration quicker and your new environment better.

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Simplify Your Migration

Migration is complex but it doesn’t need to be painful. Once you understand what you're starting with and what you don't need to move, you can break the migration into more manageable pieces.

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Allocate Resources Effectively

One of the universal truths of collaboration platforms is that if it isn’t working, users will find other (less transparent and less controlled) ways to get their jobs done. So, it's always best to understand where your environment is running out of resources by keeping track of quota usage, data growth, and content relevancy and allocating resources in the new environment as needed.

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Ensure the Environment is Healthy

Moving to a new environment often brings increases in speed and functionality, but getting there, and making sure that it remains fast and efficient is reliant upon the environment being healthy. Knowing what is going on with SharePoint is imperative to providing adequate support to end users and to proactively addressing SharePoint availability issues that affect productivity.

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