Why Risk It?

No one knows SharePoint and Office 365 Migration and Management like we do.  We were there at the start and we'll be with you at the end; we've done it for 20,000 customers and we've maintained 97% customer satisfaction along the way.  So whatever you need and whatever you've got, we've seen it and we've done it. 

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Complexity? No Problem.

Migrations are rarely cut and dry. Most organizations have environments that have received significant use over a long period of time. Often they will have been migrated before and will have some level of customization, branding, or custom development. This naturally, makes migration less straightforward, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be efficient or well executed. We will make sure you have a plan and the proper tools to make your complex migration successful.

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Customizations? No Problem.

Customization is the scourge of any migration project, right?  When moving from one version of SharePoint to another, let alone from an older to a newer version, customizations have a habit of slowing down or even halting a migration. Having a tool that can identify which customizations can be moved and which have the potential to affect your migration prior to you beginning the migration can save you hours of troubleshooting and remediation.

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Migrate SharePoint to Office 365

Upgrading Old SharePoint...In One Hop

Most migrations are brought about by the need to upgrade to a newer version of SharePoint. While newer versions offer better out-of-the-box (OOTB) user experiences, they often struggle to accommodate customizations and custom development.  If project deadlines or budgets are a concern, we can provide a single hop migration and conversions for basic customizations so that your project stays on track.

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Moving to the Cloud?

Office 365 is a great option for many organizations looking to reduce their infrastructure spending and increase accessibility for their users. Unfortunately it also comes with some restrictions that don’t exist in on-premises versions of SharePoint. It’s a tradeoff of responsibility for control that most organizations are happy to make. Moving to the cloud often means identifying and leaving behind a fair amount of content which can take a long time and consume significant resources. Thankfully there are methods and tools that automate the process to ensure that your move to the cloud won’t leave you caught in a storm.

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Cloud migration

Consolidating Fileshares?

Now that organizations have started to wrap their heads around the idea of cloud collaboration, there is a sobering realization that things may have gotten out of hand with what services users have selected and how they are utilizing them.  With differing permissions and sharing structures, and the sheer quantity of data they are housing, keeping them may seem preferable to migrating. Key is having a tool that can automate the process of moving fileshares into SharePoint and Office 365 without having to upload hundreds of thousands of files by hand or manually convert metadata and sharing settings.

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Understand, Move and Manage

If all of this seems like a lot, don't panic!  Migration is a journey; and like all journeys, success is a function of good planning (and packing!), efficient travel and, most importantly an amazing destination.  Our most successful customers execute to a bigger picture; they see migration as an opportunity to clean things up, to re-establish structure and to put users back in control.  They plan effectively, move efficiently and implement the right post-migration management.

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SharePoint migration planning

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