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As the leaves begin to change from green to orange, red, gold, and brown during this Fall season, businesses worldwide are transforming too.

More and more companies are migrating their content to the cloud. Office 365 is already present in 80 percent of enterprises and Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) solutions like OneDrive, Box and, Google for Work are all the rage. Whether staying on premise, going hybrid, or moving to the cloud, you still need to ask yourself…Do you want to THRIVE in Office 365.

For many employees, the pressure to get their job done outweighs any risks they recognize with accessing or sharing sensitive data.

That may be why, according to Risky Business: How Company Insiders Put High Value Information at Risk, a recent survey by the Ponemon Institute, employees are responsible for more data leaks than lost or stolen devices, system glitches, external attackers or malicious insiders.

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