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Last week’s breaking news from the Federal Times that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) had failed to report a data breach to Congress reads like a bad comedy. Based on the report, an employee left the agency for a private sector role and had copied banking records, as well as some 10,000 social security numbers to a personal hard drive.

One of the first limitations that SharePoint administrators encounter is that of content database size. Content databases can start at a reasonable size, but over time get larger and more bloated as new content is added – impacting performance and responsiveness.

Recently in the middle of a conversation with an IT professional, I was asked if it was crazy to have a backup of Office 365 content saved in OneDrive or SharePoint. My answer was simple; you’re not crazy at all, it’s actually a smart question to ask.

It may seem contradictory due to the nature of saving items to the cloud but it comes down to the small amount of time when users can’t get to the cloud to access business content.

 Microsoft wants to you to live in Office 365, so they’re doing all they can to make sure you never have reason to leave. Earlier this week they announced that Yammer, Microsoft’s social networking service, will begin to be activated for all eligible Office 365 business customers without them needing to do as much as lift a finger. It will be set “on” by default and will begin to be rolled out between today and April first.

The final stop in the Metalogix SharePoint 2016 & Office 365 Roadshow took place on 15 June at Microsoft’s Munich Technology Center. It featured almost all the speakers who made the show in Cologne such a success.

Walls divide people. As a company that thrives on collaboration, we decided to literally tear down the marketing walls that divided us. Previously, the marketing team was spread out over several areas in our headquarters. Now we?re all together.

It was a symbolic step in a long list of changes that have drastically transformed Metalogix over the past year. What were once the offices that held the CEO and CFO are now transformed into an open space that leans against windows looking out on our sliver of Washington, DC.

Last week, Bruce Schneier penned an excellent article that posed a straightforward question: Is Data a Toxic Asset? As Schneier is one of the world’s leading experts (if not THE leading expert) on all things information and “cyber” security, I recommend that every IT professional read it.

Would you be able to instantly provide a full record of your users’ activities across your IT systems? Would you be able to provide an auditor with detailed proof of where and how your customers’ private details are stored? And are you able to track suspicious activity within your SharePoint environment?

We've been discussing how SharePoint 2016 is “born in the cloud” (see SharePoint 2016 Features Post 1), however the average Admin logging into the SharePoint 2016 Central Administration for the first time might have a hard time believing it since resembles SharePoint 2013.

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