Im neuen Memorandum des Office of Management and Budget (dem US-amerikanischen Amt für Verwaltung und Haushaltswesen - OMB) sind Datensicherheitsverletzungen und Standards für die Sicherung personenbezogener Informationen definiert; diese können IT-Teams helfen, besser auf Datensicherheitsverletzungen, wovon personenbezogene Daten betroffen sind, vorbereitet zu sein.

New OMB Memo defines data breaches and standards for securing PII and can better prepare IT teams for breaches involving PII. If you are stressed about data privacy, you can download our eBook that walks through how to keep your SharePoint content safe.

To highlight the struggle with end-users’ and IT’s decisions of what infrastructure is needed to support a specific collaboration technology I’ll focus on a very common scenario when IT is faced with team collaboration, Intranets and Extranets on SharePoint.

A year ago the forecast would have stated 'It's all cloudy on theadoption front'

Yet, in 2015 it is clear that organisations are now dependent and not justwhistling at the cloud, as enterprises race to migrate and host their collaborationplatforms, social media marketing and business process applications in adedicated cloud or hybrid or on-premise infrastructure.


Migrations of anything but vanilla SharePoint collaboration sites to SharePoint Online (SPO) are significantly more complex and time consuming than most clients think they will be (and some vendors will have you believe). There are a number of reasons for this, an important one is the migration speed to SPO. I've addressed the others in the latter part of this blog post.


At last week’s Microsoft Ignite conference, Metalogix demonstrated the culmination of many months of work that we've completed with Microsoft to address a huge pain point for any business in the process of migrating to SharePoint Online in Office 365 – the slow speed of migration.


So here we are at the end of Ignite and one thing was clear -- SharePoint 2016 was everywhere. Already at Metalogix we are being asked about migrating to the new version therefore I thought a short post would be in order. Although it's very early, I can confidently say that Metalogix Content Matrix will support migrations directly to SharePoint 2016 from previous versions of SharePoint without the need to do an intermediate jump e.g. 2010 straight to 2016.


If the Microsoft Ignite conference stressed anything, it was the continued focus on Cloud First technologies.


What is the SharePoint Online Migration API? – A closer Technical Look

We’ve already covered some of the details on the new API that Microsoft announced at Ignite, which enables much faster migrations to SharePoint Online (SPO) within Office 365.


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