Im neuen Memorandum des Office of Management and Budget (dem US-amerikanischen Amt für Verwaltung und Haushaltswesen - OMB) sind Datensicherheitsverletzungen und Standards für die Sicherung personenbezogener Informationen definiert; diese können IT-Teams helfen, besser auf Datensicherheitsverletzungen, wovon personenbezogene Daten betroffen sind, vorbereitet zu sein.

New OMB Memo defines data breaches and standards for securing PII and can better prepare IT teams for breaches involving PII. If you are stressed about data privacy, you can download our eBook that walks through how to keep your SharePoint content safe.

There is a widespread perception that creating a hybrid on-premises and cloud environment using Microsoft SharePoint is complicated and costly. This is far from the truth – in reality, it is really no different than when you’ve been tasked to join two systems together in the past.


Migrations of anything but vanilla SharePoint collaboration sites to SharePoint Online (SPO) are significantly more complex and time consuming than most clients think they will be (and some vendors will have you believe). There are a number of reasons for this, an important one is the migration speed to SPO. I've addressed the others in the latter part of this blog post.


For many employees, the pressure to get their job done outweighs any risks they recognize with accessing or sharing sensitive data.

That may be why, according to Risky Business: How Company Insiders Put High Value Information at Risk, a recent survey by the Ponemon Institute, employees are responsible for more data leaks than lost or stolen devices, system glitches, external attackers or malicious insiders.


By Damon Tompkins, Senior Vice President of Corporate and Business Development

It’s rare to go to tech conference these days and not to hear an earful about the “Future of Work” and the new knowledge worker. Among other things, Wikipedia says that knowledge workers are people who think for a living.


Hopefully, that’s most of us, right?

Microsoft wants to you to live in Office 365, so they’re doing all they can to make sure you never have reason to leave. Earlier this week they announced that Yammer, Microsoft’s social networking service, will begin to be activated for all eligible Office 365 business customers without them needing to do as much as lift a finger. It will be set “on” by default and will begin to be rolled out between today and April first.


The consumer buzz over the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing as consumers embrace cloud connectivity, the connectivity between our devices, be it smartphone or Fitbit and services as they replace software.


Last week, Bruce Schneier penned an excellent article that posed a straightforward question: Is Data a Toxic Asset? As Schneier is one of the world’s leading experts (if not THE leading expert) on all things information and “cyber” security, I recommend that every IT professional read it.


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