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With a great team and the right tools, migrating to the cloud can be quick and easy. Our SharePoint migration team was presented with a challenging cloud project that consisted of splitting a SharePoint Online tenant, managing multiple site owner communication channels, and locking down the source sites after migration.


It’s almost as if the world breathed a sigh of relief when Julia White, general manager for Microsoft’s Office Product Management wrote a blog post acknowledging that there would be another release of Sharepoint on prem, namely Sharepoint 2016.


When Facebook at Work was first announced, content collaboration tool makers took notice.

It goes without saying that moving to the Cloud is a challenging prospect for most organisations. It is never as simple as recognizing the potential value of a cloud service and then just switching it on. While there are a great number of benefits of operating in the Cloud, the approach to implementation of such technology is essential to its success.



The second leg of the U.S. Microsoft Services and Metalogix Roadshow rolled into the NYC Technology Center on October 13th. Fighting above average traffic, IT Managers, Architects and several CIOs joined the presenters to discuss transforming their business by moving from on-premises to SharePoint Online.



Last week I returned from Davos, Switzerland and the World Economic Forum (WEF) where the explosion of the internet and data sharing in the cloud for expanding education, collaboration and social media were highlighted as keys to improving work force productivity, lowering the financial bar to help developing nations enter the modern economy and improving the voice of democratic people.


The move to Office 365 and Exchange Online in particular, presents an interesting conundrum for the new IT administrator. With the consolidation of resources that comes along with a move to the cloud, the responsibility for administering and maintaining the environment is delegated to administrators who previously have had little to no experience with some of the services that are now under their purview.


Onsite vs. cloud: How backup rules have changed

Despite a strong push or desire by organizations to move to the cloud, 2015 will undoubtedly be the year that many organizations move to a hybrid SharePoint environment. And that’s where the confusion begins. The term “hybrid SharePoint” can mean different things depending on how you choose to adopt the cloud.



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