There is a widespread perception that creating a hybrid on-premises and cloud environment using Microsoft SharePoint is complicated and costly. This is far from the truth – in reality, it is really no different than when you’ve been tasked to join two systems together in the past.

Metalogix Archive Manager 7.2 release now supports Exchange and Outlook 2016. This is an important release for anyone considering upgrading to the latest version of Exchange, which includes many of our existing 2,000 Archive Migrator customers. This continued support across all Metalogix Exchange and SharePoint products ensures a long term partnership with our customers.

Are you using SharePoint 2010? Attendees from our Microsoft Office 365 & SharePoint 2016 Roadshow along with unofficial webinars polls found that an overwhelming majority of attendees are using SharePoint 2010. Of course, many of these attendees asked us, “How do I move from SharePoint 2010 to 2016?” While the migration process of skipping a version of SharePoint has always been the same, most of the answers given are either wrong or not completely correct. It’s confusing for many.

The second leg of the U.S. Microsoft Services and Metalogix Roadshow rolled into the NYC Technology Center on October 13th. Fighting above average traffic, IT Managers, Architects and several CIOs joined the presenters to discuss transforming their business by moving from on-premises to SharePoint Online.

Walls divide people. As a company that thrives on collaboration, we decided to literally tear down the marketing walls that divided us. Previously, the marketing team was spread out over several areas in our headquarters. Now we?re all together.

It was a symbolic step in a long list of changes that have drastically transformed Metalogix over the past year. What were once the offices that held the CEO and CFO are now transformed into an open space that leans against windows looking out on our sliver of Washington, DC.

Our team at Metalogix has proudly supported local governments on-premises and in the cloud for three and a half years. Today I am excited to share that we will be magnifying our commitment with our partnership with the Microsoft CityNext program. This new certification validates our ongoing work of helping public entities move, manage and secure their collaboration content across on-prem and cloud platforms and we look forward to empowering even more cities and local governments with Microsoft and other CityNext partners.

Last week, Bruce Schneier penned an excellent article that posed a straightforward question: Is Data a Toxic Asset? As Schneier is one of the world’s leading experts (if not THE leading expert) on all things information and “cyber” security, I recommend that every IT professional read it.

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