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Information, not the Technology: Setting the Stage for New Ways to Measure Productivity

“Learning to learn faster is the only sustainable competitive advantage.” Arie de Geus in The Living Company once famously coined. Hands down this is my favorite quote, and every day I’m reminded of its wisdom, it’s true in business and it’s true of our careers too. An important aspect of learning that we are not usually mindful of is that learning means there is no change without pain. Learning is hard to quantify and yet infinitely valuable.

There are things that e-mails, e-mojis, Yammer and other text based chat services don’t do very well—like let you hear the tone of someone’s voice or see the look on their face as they speak. And while conference calls might seem like a better option, they don’t offer the undivided attention you can be sure of when you’re looking someone in the eye and they’re looking back. With that kind of communication, you know, almost for certain, if they understand what you’re saying, agree or disagree with your words or are dozing off as you speak…

The NSA security data breach by Edward Snowden (much of it leaked from a SharePoint server); Sony Pictures hack of personal information; and a number of other high profile private and government system breaches in the past year have been a wakeup call for businesses and the public sector to review their security strategies. These attacks proved successful because privileged credentials were compromised and exploited. And the stakes are getting higher – perpetrators are no longer lone hackers, but organized groups, some allegedly sponsored by nation states.

A David and Goliath Backup Story: Why You Want Small SharePoint Backups

Sometimes it’s good to be the big guy. People look up to you, amazed at how big you are. You always get picked first for sports teams. The view is much better. However, if you happen to be a backup file, bigger is definitely not better. You get little love. Administrators tolerate you at best and avoid you at worst. And when you are called to recover against a small backup, you lose every time.

Welcome back to Boot Camp!

This week, we get more technical and goal oriented. Two key performance metrics, Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO), are the two main technical metrics that people use to indicate acceptable business-related performance targets for backup and recovery. In this post, we tackle in detail the first metric, RPO.

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