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Just a few years ago, Satya Nadella was given the role of CEO and announced his Mobile First, Cloud First initiative for Microsoft. For Microsoft watchers, it was a big statement from a new CEO of a massive software company. Some may have scoffed a little at the statement.

We’re back for another round of war stories, strategy, and guidance with SharePoint Migrations! At the upcoming SPTechCon Boston conference (, Jill Hannemann, Director of Advisory Services for, and I will be presenting a half-day tutorial on the ins and outs of SharePoint migrations.

Happy New Year to you. While 2014 was a great year for Metalogix, we recognize that our successes are nothing without our clients and partners who not only challenged us to do better but inspired us to innovate to meet their needs.

We view 2014 as a transformative year for content collaboration. SharePoint’s value increased as companies have been asked to ensure higher availability, Office 365 matured as businesses started to truly understand its benefits and the power of OneDrive/OneDrive for Business grew quickly due to increasing use and nearly unlimited storage in the cloud.

When people ask how Edward Snowden gained access to so much government information, it was clear that he was able to capitalize on his personal access to secure information and to transfer that information onto an unapproved removable media device, which he used to provide classified content to non-secure sources.

You already know what happened. Since then, government agencies have hardened their acceptable use policy to try to eliminate future information breaches. While the term 'insider threat' isn't a new one, Snowden's name has virtually become synonymous with it.

As your workload moves to the cloud and users increasingly use a host of Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS) system (you know what I’m talking about, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box cropping up at your office) administrators have a lot more to worry about managing. Don’t get me wrong, there are great advantages to EFSS systems. They’re purely collaborative in nature, uncluttered by structure and process, and allow users to store and share content quickly very naturally without regarding a rigid process.

The final stop in the Metalogix SharePoint 2016 & Office 365 Roadshow took place on 15 June at Microsoft’s Munich Technology Center. It featured almost all the speakers who made the show in Cologne such a success.

Office 365 can provide rich cloud-based solutions for many business scenarios, but getting all users and services set up involves several administrative rounds before your users are fully ready to go.

You’ll likely need to traverse Office 365 admin center user management, purchasing, and billing settings, the Exchange admin center, the SharePoint admin center profile and OneDrive settings, and more.

Free Metalogix Resources Help SharePoint Administrators Decide Migration Plans

Microsoft recently released their SharePoint 2016 IT Preview during the SPTechCon event in Boston. Metalogix Product Manager Adam Levithan wrote a blog about this announcement.

Why would SharePoint, a collaboration platform for business productivity, need a game? The answer is simple: productivity.

Many years ago, I worked on a game called Majestic that offered a level of collaboration that I’ve yet to see in other games. Players would follow a conspiracy storyline that was given to them via videos, calls, emails, faxes and IMs. Players would find and send digital assets and clues to the story’s characters and other players to continue the story.

When Facebook at Work was first announced, content collaboration tool makers took notice. The global social media powerhouse has 1.23 billion users and a platform that allows users to create bits of content and manage how that content is shared with their connections.


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