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Just a few years ago, Satya Nadella was given the role of CEO and announced his Mobile First, Cloud First initiative for Microsoft. For Microsoft watchers, it was a big statement from a new CEO of a massive software company. Some may have scoffed a little at the statement.


With the Netherlands being amongst the top countries in EMEA who have gone 'all in' with the Microsoft Office 365 cloud offering, we couldn’t have picked a better location to kick off the Metalogix Roadshow.



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Microsoft recently released their SharePoint 2016 IT Preview during the SPTechCon event in Boston. Metalogix Product Manager Adam Levithan wrote a blog about this announcement.


Microsoft's Office has been a staple of business and organizations since it was first created. From a historical context, Office's popularity can be traced back to its ties to Microsoft Windows.



When supporting the U.S. Federal government five years ago, my former company and its federal sponsors, were very good at outlining the Continuity of Operations (CooP) plan, prioritizing systems for recovery and updating documentation to ensure that agencies are able to perform essential functions during a crisis. One astonishing thing about the process, however, was that information was stored in SharePoint, which was not a high priority system at the time.

Back in May 2010, Metalogix was overjoyed to get a callout in Gartner’s Cool Vendors report in the Content Management category. Typically, as companies mature, they and their products naturally grow less “cool.”


Despite a strong push or desire by organizations to move to the cloud, 2015 will undoubtedly be the year that many organizations move to a hybrid SharePoint environment. And that’s where the confusion begins. The term “hybrid SharePoint” can mean different things depending on how you choose to adopt the cloud.


It goes without saying that moving to the Cloud is a challenging prospect for most organisations. It is never as simple as recognizing the potential value of a cloud service and then just switching it on. While there are a great number of benefits of operating in the Cloud, the approach to implementation of such technology is essential to its success.



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