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Onsite vs. cloud: How backup rules have changed

When Facebook at Work was first announced, content collaboration tool makers took notice. The global social media powerhouse has 1.23 billion users and a platform that allows users to create bits of content and manage how that content is shared with their connections.

Despite a strong push or desire by organizations to move to the cloud, 2015 will undoubtedly be the year that many organizations move to a hybrid SharePoint environment. And that’s where the confusion begins. The term “hybrid SharePoint” can mean different things depending on how you choose to adopt the cloud.

Office 365 can provide rich cloud-based solutions for many business scenarios, but getting all users and services set up involves several administrative rounds before your users are fully ready to go.

You’ll likely need to traverse Office 365 admin center user management, purchasing, and billing settings, the Exchange admin center, the SharePoint admin center profile and OneDrive settings, and more.

Microsoft's Office has been a staple of business and organizations since it was first created. From a historical context, Office's popularity can be traced back to its ties to Microsoft Windows.

Windows is still the world’s most used business OS and Office is still tied to it. But as businesses embrace content collaboration workflows that don't require a desktop or laptop to perform office-like tasks, Microsoft needed to change its strategy or watch as businesses considered removing Office from its daily practices.

Happy New Year to you. While 2014 was a great year for Metalogix, we recognize that our successes are nothing without our clients and partners who not only challenged us to do better but inspired us to innovate to meet their needs.

We view 2014 as a transformative year for content collaboration. SharePoint’s value increased as companies have been asked to ensure higher availability, Office 365 matured as businesses started to truly understand its benefits and the power of OneDrive/OneDrive for Business grew quickly due to increasing use and nearly unlimited storage in the cloud.

Microsoft might have flexed its My Way or the Highway? muscle a bit too hard during former CEO's Stave Ballmer's reign, but the house that Bill Gates built is becoming a bit more accommodating now. it's not going to pull the Sharepoint carpet out from anyone, it's just going to make it irresistible to move to Office 365 and OneDrive and, get this, money won?t be the main motivator.

It’s hard to believe that just 18 months ago some content management vendors were using phrases like, “as much cloud as you need” when they talked about hybrid, as if the only real advantage of storing and sharing files in the heavens  was so that they could easily accessed from anywhere, at any time, via any device, without a hassle. The idea was to keep most of your content on premise where it already lives, where it’s presumably safe, and where IT is in full control.

With the Netherlands being amongst the top countries in EMEA who have gone 'all in' with the Microsoft Office 365 cloud offering, we couldn’t have picked a better location to kick off the Metalogix Roadshow.

Mike Kan, our new head of Channels and Alliances, kicked off the Roadshow with a theme that captured the day’s goals, 'The key to successful collaboration is adoption and incremental revenue streams can be delivered when the party with technology triangulates with those who have access to market and a new business model.'

It goes without saying that moving to the Cloud is a challenging prospect for most organisations. It is never as simple as recognizing the potential value of a cloud service and then just switching it on. While there are a great number of benefits of operating in the Cloud, the approach to implementation of such technology is essential to its success.

That’s why many organizations turn to a hybrid cloud setup to start their journey. This could be for any number of underlying reasons such as:


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