So your organization has decided to migrate to Office 365 and you’ve been tasked with not only moving content, but with making the most of your organization’s investment. Moving across collaboration platforms is nothing new, but an Office 365 migration brings additional pressures and challenges that do differ from conventional migration activities.

There is a widespread perception that creating a hybrid on-premises and cloud environment using Microsoft SharePoint is complicated and costly. This is far from the truth – in reality, it is really no different than when you’ve been tasked to join two systems together in the past.

If the Microsoft Ignite conference stressed anything, it was the continued focus on Cloud First technologies.

But sitting in on Exchange and SharePoint sessions it became clear that Microsoft wants it all “Cloud-First – On-Premises-First.” Yep—you read that right. While hybrid has been a phrase used to denote the full movement of all information workloads to the cloud, Ignite reinforced the commitment to on-premises.

The European Union has a reputation for enacting silly laws such as the laughably infamous “bendy banana law” that dictated the standards for selling bananas. And yes, this is the same body that told us that water bottles cannot be labelled with claims of preventing dehydration, the minimum percentage of meat that can be in sausages (not necessarily a bad thing) and that you can eat horse meat as long as it wasn’t from your pet horse.

At last week’s Microsoft Ignite conference, Metalogix demonstrated the culmination of many months of work that we've completed with Microsoft to address a huge pain point for any business in the process of migrating to SharePoint Online in Office 365 – the slow speed of migration.

When asked what makes an award-winning support team, the easy answer is to hire good people. Yet those good people don’t become great support people overnight. That takes training, experience and, in our case, great mentors who invest their time in helping good people rise to their full potential.

Administrators have the herculean task of juggling settings for multiple users and services, which can be incredibly tedious, repetitive, and daunting. Not all settings are centralized, especially for hybrid (combination cloud and on-premises) scenarios. Errors can creep in if administrators lose focus while multitasking.

Depending on their configurations, here are just some of the settings administrators might juggle:

Consumers and businesses pay the most when it comes to data breaches. It appears that the White House is taking action to try and develop the rules by which companies have to notify their clients in the case of future data breaches. WTOP reports today that President Obama on his lead up to his State of the Union speech on January 20 will introduce legislation that will specifically focus on personally identifiable information.

To highlight the struggle with end-users’ and IT’s decisions of what infrastructure is needed to support a specific collaboration technology I’ll focus on a very common scenario when IT is faced with team collaboration, Intranets and Extranets on SharePoint.

Last Saturday Metalogix sponsored SharePoint Saturday Dubai, an annual gathering of SharePoint experts and enthusiasts. Several MVPs were present including Joel Olesson and Michael Noel. They shared their insights and best practices. One of the hottest topics I was asked about was security in Office 365.


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