Yesterday the release of a SharePoint 2016 beta was a buzz among SPTechCon attendees in Boston. Among rumors of missing the deployment deadline, the beta release arrived. All the details available are interesting. We’ve been looking at earlier builds internally for a little while, prior to the Preview going live.


It’s almost as if the world breathed a sigh of relief when Julia White, general manager for Microsoft’s Office Product Management wrote a blog post acknowledging that there would be another release of Sharepoint on prem, namely Sharepoint 2016.



By Paul LaPorte, Director of Product Marketing for Backup, Storage and Archive products


Did you know that file size limits will increase from 2GB to 10GB in SharePoint 2016. What does this mean to you.


We were excited to be invited to speak on John Gilroy’s Federal Tech Talk on Federal News Radio recently and Adam Levithan, Shawn Mitchell and Jai Dargan were happy to talk about what Metalogix is doing in the government space. As a software company based in Washington, DC, we understand government like no other and with growing concerns about data breaches, content collaboration and content security, our team was ready to answer Gilroy’s inquires.


Taking place in three different locations in the DACH region this year (Cologne, Munich and Zurich), the German-speaking part of the Metalogix SharePoint 2016 & Office 365 Roadshow began last Wednesday, May 11th in Cologne at a popular Microsoft office directly on the idyllic Rheinau Harbour.


It's no secret that third party BLOB externalization solutions have provided tremendous value to organizations with growing SharePoint environments. The capability first appeared in SharePoint 2007 as BLOB Storage (EBS) and later in SharePoint 2010 as Remote BLOB Storage (RBS).


This is Part 3 of our migration readiness series. In Part 1: Architecture, we wrote about architecture and making your content as lightweight as possible before making the big move.

We’re supposed to be working in mobile-first, cloud-first world, right? Did vendors forget that the people who keep end users happy and everything running are their customers too?



As the leaves begin to change from green to orange, red, gold, and brown during this Fall season, businesses worldwide are transforming too.



Information, not the Technology: Setting the Stage for New Ways to Measure Productivity


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