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It doesn’t always feel like SharePoint admins and security teams are working toward the same objectives. Folks managing SharePoint are responsible for building a collaborative environment that improves productivity. The security team is charged with lowering risk and preventing breaches.

This is Part 4 of our migration readiness series. InPart 1: Architecture, we wrote about architecture and making your content as lightweight as possible before making the big move.

One of the first limitations that SharePoint administrators encounter is that of content database size. Content databases can start at a reasonable size, but over time get larger and more bloated as new content is added – impacting performance and responsiveness.

We were excited to be invited to speak on John Gilroy’s Federal Tech Talk on Federal News Radio recently and Adam Levithan, Shawn Mitchell and Jai Dargan were happy to talk about what Metalogix is doing in the government space. As a software company based in Washington, DC, we understand government like no other and with growing concerns about data breaches, content collaboration and content security, our team was ready to answer Gilroy’s inquires.

Walls divide people. As a company that thrives on collaboration, we decided to literally tear down the marketing walls that divided us. Previously, the marketing team was spread out over several areas in our headquarters. Now we?re all together.

It was a symbolic step in a long list of changes that have drastically transformed Metalogix over the past year. What were once the offices that held the CEO and CFO are now transformed into an open space that leans against windows looking out on our sliver of Washington, DC.

Would you be able to instantly provide a full record of your users’ activities across your IT systems? Would you be able to provide an auditor with detailed proof of where and how your customers’ private details are stored? And are you able to track suspicious activity within your SharePoint environment?

This is Part 3 of our migration readiness series. In Part 1: Architecture, we wrote about architecture and making your content as lightweight as possible before making the big move.

This morning, the Uncle of SharePoint, Seth Patton, announced that SharePoint Server 2016 Release to Market (RTM) was available for download. The “Father of SharePoint” Jeff Teper admits that SharePoint is filled with geeks by releasing on-purpose on Pi Day (3/14) and setting the big reveal virtual event on May 4th for all those Star Wars fans out there.

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