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Im Webinar Neue Standards für Sicherheit und Information Governance bei SharePoint befragten wir mehrere hundert SharePoint-Administratoren, Security Manager und andere Information Governance-Experten zu deren Bedenken und Strategien in Bezug auf die Sicherheit und Information Governance bei SharePoint. Die Ergebnisse dieser informellen Umfrage spiegeln die unter vielen Metalogix-Kunden zu verzeichnenden Trends wider.

In last week’s webinar, New Security and Information Governance Standards for SharePoint, I asked several hundred SharePoint admins, security managers, and other information governance experts about their SharePoint security and information governance concerns and strategies. The results of this informal poll reflect the dynamics we see among many Metalogix clients.

The protection of privacy has long been at the heart of regulations that govern the storage and security of sensitive data, like protected health information (PHI). Patient privacy is compromised when organizations fail to properly secure records containing PHI, as well as the applications and systems that store them. This is precisely what the Security and Privacy Rule provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) are designed to address.

About COWI

Global consulting services organization, COWI, turned to Metalogix for their 10TB migration. The company uses SharePoint as a business-critical collaboration solution for over 6,000 employees across 101 locations. With more than 17,000 projects hosted in SharePoint supporting their engineering, economics, and environmental science practices, the migration was anything but simple.

Something is going to go wrong. It always does. So here at Backup & Recovery Boot Camp, we treat recovery as “When” and not “If.”

Welcome to Backup & Recovery Boot Camp for SharePoint, Week 1.

During Boot Camp, a series of weekly blogs, you’ll learn everything from basic skills through advanced topics on all things related to backing up and recovering your SharePoint environment. Each week, we’ll tackle a new topic--building critical knowledge and instilling a recovery-first mindset that will carry you through even the toughest situations.

May 4, 2016 benchmarked the launch of SharePoint Server 2016 - the first Microsoft on premise offering to be reengineered and “born from the cloud.” I spent the day at Microsoft’s Times Square building attending a partner expo hosted by . After listening to the webcasts, I participated in a roundtable panel with other SharePoint experts to discuss what it all meant to SharePoint developers, end users and CIOs.

When Facebook at Work was first announced, content collaboration tool makers took notice. The global social media powerhouse has 1.23 billion users and a platform that allows users to create bits of content and manage how that content is shared with their connections.

A David and Goliath Backup Story: Why You Want Small SharePoint Backups

Sometimes it’s good to be the big guy. People look up to you, amazed at how big you are. You always get picked first for sports teams. The view is much better. However, if you happen to be a backup file, bigger is definitely not better. You get little love. Administrators tolerate you at best and avoid you at worst. And when you are called to recover against a small backup, you lose every time.

It goes without saying that moving to the Cloud is a challenging prospect for most organisations. It is never as simple as recognizing the potential value of a cloud service and then just switching it on. While there are a great number of benefits of operating in the Cloud, the approach to implementation of such technology is essential to its success.

That’s why many organizations turn to a hybrid cloud setup to start their journey. This could be for any number of underlying reasons such as:

Moving to any version of SharePoint comes with unique challenges. While SharePoint 2016 offers the best collaboration experience, rushing ahead too quickly might mean that you face significant issues post-migration. Our team of experienced pros recommend reading these top five migration pitfalls and planning for them before migration.



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