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This week, we get more technical and goal oriented. Two key performance metrics, Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO), are the two main technical metrics that people use to indicate acceptable business-related performance targets for backup and recovery. In this post, we tackle in detail the first metric, RPO.

One of the first limitations that SharePoint administrators encounter is that of content database size. Content databases can start at a reasonable size, but over time get larger and more bloated as new content is added – impacting performance and responsiveness.



As the leaves begin to change from green to orange, red, gold, and brown during this Fall season, businesses worldwide are transforming too.


This morning, the Uncle of SharePoint, Seth Patton, announced that SharePoint Server 2016 Release to Market (RTM) was available for download.

Today’s surprise announcement that Microsoft would buy LinkedIn for $26.5 billion came off as a shock but it shouldn’t. It’s clear, based on the official announcement, that Microsoft’s intention to buy LinkedIn wasn’t just a significant advance in acquiring the world’s biggest business social networking site. It’s an investment in global, cloud-based professional productivity.

Future Analytics   Current Analytics

I kicked off my first 2016 webinar talking about, what else, SharePoint 2016. We discussed the overview of the three SharePoint investment areas, and then dove into what monitoring features administrators are looking forward to in SharePoint 2016.


Microsoft wants to you to live in Office 365, so they’re doing all they can to make sure you never have reason to leave. Earlier this week they announced that Yammer, Microsoft’s social networking service, will begin to be activated for all eligible Office 365 business customers without them needing to do as much as lift a finger. It will be set “on” by default and will begin to be rolled out between today and April first.


Taking place in three different locations in the DACH region this year (Cologne, Munich and Zurich), the German-speaking part of the Metalogix SharePoint 2016 & Office 365 Roadshow began last Wednesday, May 11th in Cologne at a popular Microsoft office directly on the idyllic Rheinau Harbour.


May 4, 2016 benchmarked the launch of SharePoint Server 2016 - the first Microsoft on premise offering to be reengineered and “born from the cloud.” I spent the day at Microsoft’s Times Square building attending a partner expo hosted by . After listening to the webcasts, I participated in a roundtable panel with other SharePoint experts to discuss what it all meant to SharePoint developers, end users and CIOs.

As promised, we’ve reached the final post in our series covering Office 365 migration and what it takes to be ready.


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