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One of the first limitations that SharePoint administrators encounter is that of content database size. Content databases can start at a reasonable size, but over time get larger and more bloated as new content is added – impacting performance and responsiveness.


Hopefully you've been able to read Part One that covered the features like app launcher, cloud UI, OneDrive for Business, Search, Sharing, and Durable links. No, there was no particular reason how these features are divided, it just worked out that way.

Implications of the GDPR

Moving to Office 365 is an exciting prospect. Not having to manage or pay for infrastructure and the promise of a more efficient, maintenance-free environment is enticing to say the least. As with anything good in life, there are some provisions, the chief among which is that the success and usability of your Office 365 environment depends largely on preparation and the consideration of a few key points prior to migration. First, what type of environment are you planning to have?

With several months of experience within the TAP program and with the latest releases, it's time for us to share our experiences. Over the next few weeks we'll focus on the new features within SharePoint 2016 across three investment areas: Improved User Experience, Cloud Inspired Infrastructure and Compliance & Reporting. This is our interpretation of the features within the areas, even if they don't match perfectly with Microsoft's marketing materials.

Most organizations used the on-premises SharePoint Server in 2015 instead of SharePoint Online, which is part of Microsoft's Office 365 cloud suite, according to an industry study.


Microsoft wants to you to live in Office 365, so they’re doing all they can to make sure you never have reason to leave. Earlier this week they announced that Yammer, Microsoft’s social networking service, will begin to be activated for all eligible Office 365 business customers without them needing to do as much as lift a finger. It will be set “on” by default and will begin to be rolled out between today and April first.



About COWI
Global consulting services organization, COWI, turned to Metalogix for their 10TB migration. The company uses SharePoint as a business-critical collaboration solution for over 6,000 employees across 101 locations. With more than 17,000 projects hosted in SharePoint supporting their engineering, economics, and environmental science practices, the migration was anything but simple.

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I kicked off my first 2016 webinar talking about, what else, SharePoint 2016. We discussed the overview of the three SharePoint investment areas, and then dove into what monitoring features administrators are looking forward to in SharePoint 2016.


A few weeks ago, Adam Levithan was a guest on Josh Bland’s Expert Interview Series. The series, hosted by TechnologyAdvice in conjunction with SPTechCon events, explores a variety of business and technology landscapes through conversations with industry leaders.


Below are 4 insights Adam discussed about planning for a systems migration, the changing role of IT, companies living in multiple clouds, SPTechCon 2016, and more.



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