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May 4, 2016 benchmarked the launch of SharePoint Server 2016 - the first Microsoft on premise offering to be reengineered and “born from the cloud.” I spent the day at Microsoft’s Times Square building attending a partner expo hosted by . After listening to the webcasts, I participated in a roundtable panel with other SharePoint experts to discuss what it all meant to SharePoint developers, end users and CIOs.

Why would SharePoint, a collaboration platform for business productivity, need a game? The answer is simple: productivity.

Many years ago, I worked on a game called Majestic that offered a level of collaboration that I’ve yet to see in other games. Players would follow a conspiracy storyline that was given to them via videos, calls, emails, faxes and IMs. Players would find and send digital assets and clues to the story’s characters and other players to continue the story.

Yesterday the release of a SharePoint 2016 beta was a buzz among SPTechCon attendees in Boston. Among rumors of missing the deployment deadline, the beta release arrived. All the details available are interesting. We’ve been looking at earlier builds internally for a little while, prior to the Preview going live.

There are things that e-mails, e-mojis, Yammer and other text based chat services don’t do very well—like let you hear the tone of someone’s voice or see the look on their face as they speak. And while conference calls might seem like a better option, they don’t offer the undivided attention you can be sure of when you’re looking someone in the eye and they’re looking back. With that kind of communication, you know, almost for certain, if they understand what you’re saying, agree or disagree with your words or are dozing off as you speak…

Content collaboration is always at its best when end users in any organization know when others have contributed to their work content. SharePoint and Office 365 offer several different methods to notify users when content has been updated but, admittedly, it’s not perfect for a generation of professionals that are more Facebook and LinkedIn savvy than sorting through files on various drives.

An increasing number of corporate employees use third-party cloud storage solutions like Google Drive and DropBox to store and share business content, potentially putting sensitive and confidential company at risk. But why is it taking IT so long to adjust to the needs of these users.

Well, consider these scenarios. First, IT can't pull out a credit card and commit to a three year investment in an enterprise cloud solution. And second, IT can't build out an internal infrastructure overnight without affecting other projects (aka “IT doesn't have a magic wand”).

A year ago the forecast would have stated 'It's all cloudy on theadoption front'

Yet, in 2015 it is clear that organisations are now dependent and not justwhistling at the cloud, as enterprises race to migrate and host their collaborationplatforms, social media marketing and business process applications in adedicated cloud or hybrid or on-premise infrastructure.

Taking place in three different locations in the DACH region this year (Cologne, Munich and Zurich), the German-speaking part of the Metalogix SharePoint 2016 & Office 365 Roadshow began last Wednesday, May 11th in Cologne at a popular Microsoft office directly on the idyllic Rheinau Harbour.

Moving your organization to any new productivity platform can be a pretty daunting project. There’s a huge amount of processes, tasks and activities to prepare for. There’s also a lot that can go wrong – from poorly configured document libraries causing breakdowns in the new environment to networks causing blackouts during migration. Ensuring that all of these issues are accounted for can feel overwhelming.

Something is going to go wrong. It always does. So here at Backup & Recovery Boot Camp, we treat recovery as “When” and not “If.”

Welcome to Backup & Recovery Boot Camp for SharePoint, Week 1.

During Boot Camp, a series of weekly blogs, you’ll learn everything from basic skills through advanced topics on all things related to backing up and recovering your SharePoint environment. Each week, we’ll tackle a new topic--building critical knowledge and instilling a recovery-first mindset that will carry you through even the toughest situations.


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