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Leaving passwords in email or dropping all the company passwords into a single document are both laughable errors in any security person?s eyes but to the eyes of end users, many of them view it as a necessary evil to helping them get their jobs done.



Something is going to go wrong. It always does. So here at Backup & Recovery Boot Camp, we treat recovery as “When” and not “If.”


Welcome to Backup & Recovery Boot Camp for SharePoint, Week 1.


Welcome to Week 2 of SharePoint Backup and Recovery Boot Camp!


As I said in Week 1, something is going to go wrong. It always does. At Backup and Recovery Boot Camp, we treat recovery as a “When” and not an “If”.



When supporting the U.S. Federal government five years ago, my former company and its federal sponsors, were very good at outlining the Continuity of Operations (CooP) plan, prioritizing systems for recovery and updating documentation to ensure that agencies are able to perform essential functions during a crisis. One astonishing thing about the process, however, was that information was stored in SharePoint, which was not a high priority system at the time.


Yesterday the release of a SharePoint 2016 beta was a buzz among SPTechCon attendees in Boston. Among rumors of missing the deployment deadline, the beta release arrived. All the details available are interesting. We’ve been looking at earlier builds internally for a little while, prior to the Preview going live.


SharePoint Community Invited to Vote

We just learned that Metalogix is a finalist in the 2015 European SharePoint Awards for the Best Office 365 Solution!



Boot Camp Week 4: Using Backups to Restore Targeted Content When SharePoint is Down!


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