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Back in May 2010, Metalogix was overjoyed to get a callout in Gartner’s Cool Vendors report in the Content Management category. Typically, as companies mature, they and their products naturally grow less “cool.”


We’re supposed to be working in mobile-first, cloud-first world, right? Did vendors forget that the people who keep end users happy and everything running are their customers too?



Boot Camp Week 4: Using Backups to Restore Targeted Content When SharePoint is Down!

With several months of experience within the TAP program and with the latest releases, it's time for us to share our experiences. Over the next few weeks we'll focus on the new features within SharePoint 2016 across three investment areas: Improved User Experience, Cloud Inspired Infrastructure and Compliance & Reporting. This is our interpretation of the features within the areas, even if they don't match perfectly with Microsoft's marketing materials.

Today, we are in Aarhus, Copenhagen, at a conference about the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), hosted by our partner NNIT. This is an exciting event, as the EUGDPR has generated a significant amount of media attention on both sides of the Atlantic.


We were excited to be invited to speak on John Gilroy’s Federal Tech Talk on Federal News Radio recently and Adam Levithan, Shawn Mitchell and Jai Dargan were happy to talk about what Metalogix is doing in the government space. As a software company based in Washington, DC, we understand government like no other and with growing concerns about data breaches, content collaboration and content security, our team was ready to answer Gilroy’s inquires.


During my most recent webinar ‘ Hybrid Dilemma: Keeping All Your Cloud Content in Sync,’ we discussed the hybrid reality of organizations having to manage multiple collaboration systems. When IT-approved systems don’t meet end-users expectations a divide begins to happen.

An increasing number of corporate employees use third-party cloud storage solutions like Google Drive and DropBox to store and share business content, potentially putting sensitive and confidential company at risk. But why is it taking IT so long to adjust to the needs of these users.



Today’s IT world is in the middle of a “cloud rush” companies are either thinking about, preparing for, or already benefitting from their move to cloud collaboration environments. The reduction in infrastructure needs, maintenance, and costs are extremely enticing and add immediate business value. After assisting a number of companies through their cloud adoption journey, it is clear to me that there are three major pain points that impact companies in Office 365.



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