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  • Migration von SharePoint 2007 auf 2013 ohne Zwischenschritt über SharePoint 2010
  • Reduzierung der Komplexität in der Datenablage & Umsetzung einer nutzerfreundlichen Neuorganisation
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Es ist nicht unbedingt einfach, im Rahmen der Migration alle Stakeholder zufrieden zu stellen und gleichzeitig ungeplante technische Probleme möglichst von vornherein zu verhindern.

Antonio Maio, MVP & SharePoint Architect at Protiviti, discusses the secrets to successful SharePoint migrations

No two migrations are the same, but all successful migrations have at least two things in common: Intelligent planning and thoughtful execution.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is an IT company the helps customers develop more quickly. With the extensive technology- and service-portfolio of the IT industry – ranging from the Cloud to the data processing center up to work place applications – we support our customers worldwide to make their IT more efficient, productive and more secure.


Seit dem Übergang von SharePoint 2003 zu 2007 and jeder darauffolgenden Version fragen sich zahlreiche Unternehmen, ob die nächste Version überhaupt für sie geeignet ist.

For a very low yearly price per user you've just purchased, or are looking at, an entire ecosystem of features within Office 365. As soon as you think you understand what's included (Exchange, Skype, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint) more apps arrive. With apps come a great list of questions from your end-users. Why are you making me change? Why can't I just use Word like I used too? What are all these tiles?

SharePoint Administrators building a migration plan and IT Managers hiring a consultant experience huge pressure for the project to satisfy all stakeholders, and not run into any unplanned technical errors.

Through hundreds of my own migrations and thousands of Metalogix customers, I've seen two decisions that can create a successful migration. To structure your migration you must balance the change management approach and the technical architecture of your project.

Your successful migration to SharePoint 2016 (or Office 365) takes three actions: Analysis, Optimization and Planning. It also takes a lot of questions that require answers. What do you have? What do you move? What do you archive? What problems might occur? What do users expect?From identifying content sprawl, deciding what to archive, understanding potential security risks, ending performance issues and creating an environment that meets end-user expectations, requires many questions that need good answers.In this session, you’ll learn the skills you need to:

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