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When organizations embark on moving to OneDrive, content structure within the organization generally changes to accommodate the new platform. Users are expected to interact differently with the way they create, store, and interact with content. Without a user adoption and transition management strategy, users will continue to work around IT and previous workflows, instead of embracing change. Move to OneDrive without the headache and unpack what it takes to get your users onboarded effectively.

During our webinar, we’ll cover:

End User Therapy - Taking Control of Office 365 and OneDrive User Collaboration Chaos

‘Sync and Share” is no longer an optional extra, but a vital means of increasing productivity and encouraging collaboration.

With companies racing to adopt these sync and share solutions, the competition between EFSS systems is stronger than ever. How do you decide which offering to adopt? What are the benefits or shortfalls? How do they stack up against one another?

Our new eBook “Comparing Enterprise File Sync and Share Solutions” answers some of those burning questions.

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Cloud and SaaS applications have shifted the way organizations think about information technology and business strategy. With these shifts comes another required shift in backup best practices, where collaboration platforms like SharePoint are no exception for backup activities for Office 365.

Learn about:

What if you had a single, unified console to perform complex, cross-service management of Office 365?

The O365 administrator is overwhelmed with management tasks: ensuring users have access to the proper services, sufficient quota, and relevant permissions. Admins scramble to perform countless operations in multiple control panels in order to provision user's accounts and services. Until now.


Agile business needs a responsive and robust data security strategy, as well as ensuring data is accessible in a range of business scenarios.

Top Office 365 Influencer MVP Naomi Moneypenny discusses how to secure, comply, and protect your data in Office 365. We'll look at considerations with compliance standards such as HIPAA and ISO 27001, and how to back up your data in the cloud.

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Insights & Best Practices on Migrating to O365

Is your organization considering moving to the cloud?

Once you have decided yes, how do you make the switch? What do you do about existing files, emails, and public folder content? How will compliance rules affect content storage post-migration? Join us to examine best practice migration options for Exchange, SharePoint, and file share content to O365.

In addition learn about:

Considering the Move to Office 365?

Migrating and managing your content in the cloud doesn’t have to be tough.

  • Maximize benefits by pre-planning
  • Learn best practices to help reduce friction
  • Increase productivity for your Microsoft investments

Make your move to the cloud a success—start by downloading the ebook now.

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